Brazil Sitio Gerezim


Coffee Type: 100% Catuai
Process: Full Natural
Region: Barreiro, Minas Gerais
Acidity: present but mild
Body: Medium
Flavor: Chocolate and Almonds
A note from the producer: “ This coffee is produced with passion
and love from my family. We have lived in the same place and grown
coffee here for decades and are finally seeing good results from our
daily hard work. We hope you will enjoy it: That is our motivation to
keep producing better quality coffee.” Elias Alvez

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The single origin program was designed to have a rotation of three coffees, one dark and two generally lighter roasts, that are carefully selected to highlight their unique characteristics and are generally for the more adventurous coffee drinker who is looking for a more eccentric coffee profile.

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12 oz, 5 lb


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