Featured Monthly Items features are offered for a limited time and at a special price.

Our April/May featured menu items are below and run from 4/1 thru 5/31.

Blackberry Lavender Mocha: Enjoy the fusion of blackberry and lavender blended with mocha, exclusively at Spot Coffee. Treat yourself to a unique and unforgettable taste sensation today: Latte: $5.00/Grande size

Pistachio Rose Latte: Savor the unique fusion of pistachio and rose in Spot Coffee’s signature latte. Latte: $5.00/Grande size

Chicken & Hummus BLT:$9.95: Enjoy the irresistible combination of tender grilled chicken, creamy hummus spread, crispy bacon, and fresh lettuce and tomato in our Chicken & Hummus BLT served throughout April and May at participating SPoT coffee locations.

SPoT offers the highest quality coffee and handcrafted cuisine
in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.