SPoT accepts applications from potential owner-operator franchisees. Our franchise team will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best possible location in your area.

Our team will also provide both extensive training and detailed manuals that will assist with all aspects of operating your café.

Please note that franchises are currently available in the US Northeast Region.

Full SPoT Café

Dynamic interiors with multiple seating options and hip, cozy atmospheres featuring custom community murals are hallmarks of SPoT cafés. Full cafés have large windows and patio space, are between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet in size, and contain modern kitchens. A wide variety of point-of-sale items such as retail coffee, custom packaged snacks and cool merchandise are also available.

SPoT Express

SPoT Express quickly serves up our award-winning coffee and a selection of our finest and most convenient food and beverages. High traffic areas with limited available space, such as transportation hubs and shopping malls, are perfect examples of where an Express location is best suited.

How Do I Proceed?

If you’re interested in a SPoT franchise, we invite you to download either our Full Café Preliminary Franchisee Information Form, or our SPoT Express Preliminary Franchisee Information Form.

Simply fill out the form in Microsoft Word and return it by email to You will be contacted once our franchise team has reviewed the information you have submitted.

For all franchise inquiries, please contact:

Dan Hensley

Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (716) 310-7553