SPoT is connecting with more neighborhoods than ever through our owner-operator franchise program.  If you have a passion for people and communities, reach out to us about our franchise application process. Once accepted, our experienced franchise team will work closely with you to secure the best possible location in your area and provide the training and materials you need to succeed in all aspects of operating your café.

Franchises are currently available in the U.S. Northeast Region. 

Own a full SPoT Cafe

SPoT owner-operators enjoy working collaboratively with our franchise team to design dynamic interiors with multiple seating options and hip, cozy atmospheres featuring custom community murals, which are the hallmarks of SPoT cafés. Full cafés have large windows and patio space, are between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet and contain modern kitchens. A wide variety of point-of-sale items such as retail coffee, custom packaged snacks, and SPoT merchandise are also available. Interested? Click on our preliminary franchise form HERE.

Every neighborhood is unique; let us help you create your own SPoT.


Own a SPoT Express

SPoT Express quickly serves up our award-winning coffee and a selection of our finest and most convenient food and beverages. High traffic areas with limited available space, such as transportation hubs, libraries, hospitals, and shopping malls, are perfect examples of where an Express location is best suited. Interested? Click on our preliminary franchise form HERE.

The SPoT Express franchise option is a place for people on the go.