Our Coffee

SPoT is a small batch roasting company committed to using the highest quality ingredients and state of the art equipment.  Our Roasters and Baristas are expertly trained ensuring both perfect technique and proper extraction in every cup of coffee and hand crafted beverage we serve.


Micro Roasting

SPoT sources the highest quality coffees available and roasts them in small batches to fully develop and highlight natural flavors using different techniques by balancing time, temperature, and airflow. All of our bags of roasted coffee proudly display a “Roasted On” date.

Some Like It Hot

At SPoT you can keep it simple with a velvety latte or break from the norm with our award winning Chai that is made from scratch in house with the perfect blend of spices, simmered for hours. For a sweet treat try our Caramel Macchiato or a delicious white hot chocolate with raspberry, topped with fresh whipped cream.

Some Like It Chilled

SPoT’s famous Cinco Shake is our top selling cold beverage. If you’re not in the mood for coffee try a SPoTsicle (our take on a milkshake). Looking for something to keep you going strong? Try one of our protein shakes that are so delicious they blur the line between healthy and decadent.